Basic Life Support 2020 Blended/Online
(formerly BLS for Health Care Provider or BCLS - Basic Cardiac Life Support)


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    • BLS Provider Blended Online Course - (New and Returning Students) course length varies depending on scope of practice. (120 minutes - 90 mnutes - 60 minutes)
    • Blended Learning is Recommended for 2 different catagories of students, those who have have experience "Want to Challenge themselves",  and those who do not use their skills regularly, have English as a second language or have test anxiety "Need repetition and a slow pace".
    • Multiple classes offered weekly - Class #1 (Morning 9am-start time) Class #2 (Afternoon 1pm-start time) Class #3 (Evening 5pm-start time) 
    • "Blended students are Required to choose an in class portion date before the online eLearning pin can be submitted for student review."
    • Covid-19 BLS Provider Interim Training - (New and Expired Students) ~3 hour online training class, will be required to do in class training "BLS Intereim is reserved for Pandemic Lock down and will only be accessable during such lock downs as guided by local Health Regulations"
    • PLEASE NOTE - with online registration that the date you select will be the date for "IN CLASS TRAINING" the online component must be completed prior to your in class skills assessment. 

Our classes are offered in a four hour time slot and course length may vary depending on class size. At Saving Grace Medical Academy we offer smaller class sizes for more personalized student instruction.


  • BLS Provider Blended Online Course - $70.00 +GST
  • BLS Provider Interim Course - $70.00 +GST


  • New StudentsHeart and Stroke Foundation BLS Provider Manual (print [RE3310E] or eBook [RE3310ED]), available for purchase at Heart and Stroke Foundation's Heart Shop, a manual will be provided in class
  • Recertification - Manual provided for in class study. Please refer to our BLS Renewal page for more details.
  • BLS 60 Course - 
    1. Good internet connection
    2. Computer or Laptop to watch the videos
    3. Required Manual - see above link for purchase


  • This Certificate is Valid for 1 year through The Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • Valid & Required for Nurses, Healthcare Providers, EMS and Fire


  • Alberta Health Services, Capital Health, Covenant Health, Alberta College of Paramedics, NAIT, U of A, Grant Macewan, Norquest

COURSE Information:

Blended learning is a new, alternative format designed for students to access the knowledge and skills they need with a minimal stress outcome, this online training was put together in mind for those who prefer home study, have English as a second language or suffer from test anxiety. Heart & Stroke "Blended Learning" courses combine online learning and in-person training to offer a comprehensive experience with lots of benefits. Blended learning is a low-barrier option that caters to various learning styles, students needs and schedules.

A Blended learning course covers the same course corriculum and teaches the same skills as an instroctor-led only course. Successful completion of the full course yields a BLS Provider completion certificate.

BLS Blended Learning Course Policies 

  1. BLS Blended 120 "120 minutes - 2 hours": Designed for First Time BLS learners and or those who do not use their BLS skills on a regular basis. BLS Blended 120 emphasizes the individual element that make up core BLS Skills and offers comprehensive practice before hands-on skills assessments.
  2. BLS Blended 90 "90 Minutes - 1 1/2 hour": Designed for students who "are confident" in their understanding and practice of BLS Skills, but want to review and practice before hands-on skills assessments. Recommended for Emergency Medical Professionals who work around Emergency rooms yet who do not use their skills often.
  3. BLS Blended 60 "60 Minute - 1 hour": Designed for "Code Teams, EMS, those who have taken the BLS program 3 or more times" Experienced Providers will little trouble completing this program. BLS Blended 60 offers "Hands On Testing" of the ACLS, Advanced, EMS and Experienced Health Care Professional member to ensure they have perfected the skills of CPR at the Highest level.
Benefits of taking "Blended Learning"
  • Blended learning courses offer flexibility to students, instructors, and managers with challenging schedules and learning styles and can be offerd in a renewal-style format, where available
How the Program works:
A blended learning course is complte in two parts. for each discipline. First students must complete the "Blended - Online" theory component and then the "Blended - In Class" component respectively. This means the theory for the program is completed online and the practical application of skills are demonstrated in the classroom in front of an instructor led class.

  • The Blended Online Portion - The "online" component is the first of the two components to be completed. Blended students preview a set of video's with theory based instruction,dramatizations, anamations partnered with self-directed study and interactivce activities. "You may review the modules repeatedly to absorbe the information and rewatch them as many times as needed". After successfully completing all modules of the online component, students will receive a receipt called the "Blended Class Pass", this "Blended Class Pass" allows entry to the "Blended-In Class Component" when presented to the course instructor at the beginning of your in class session.

  • "In Classroom Component" - The "In Class" component is the second portion of this program to be completed in person with a Heart & Stroke Foundation BLS Instructor. Students will work through a "Video + Skill" led hands on practice session that helps hone the practical application of the knowledge learned in the first portion. Students work on their skills with other students to maxamise proficiency in the life saving skill of CPR, debriefing, team scenarios, discussions of local protocols and skill evaluations. 
"Both components must be successfully completed to receive the BLS Provider completion certificate"
  • ACCESSING Blended Learing:
  • "FIRST, You need a date to take your in class portion, then an online PIN will be assigned to you to complete before you enter the classroom.
  • "Register Here"
The Blended Learning eCampus is accessible through the "Rescitation Portal Here"

  • BLS Blended Online Course (FAQ):

Q: I have an expired BLS course completion card; can I take the 2020 BLS Blended Online course and then take the renewal course? 

A: Yes; the Heart & Stroke BLS Blended course gains you access to the renewal course and the course requires a current (taken within the last 12 months and current to the most recent Guidelines release) Heart & Stroke BLS provider card as a prerequisite. As the "Blended Online self learned" session counts as the theory to the new program this allows you access to the "Renewal type course" The new BLS renewal course is an accelerated course that does not re-teach each component covered in the Heart & Stroke BLS provider full course. Rather, it assumes providers have retained the knowledge and understanding of these components. If you do not have a comprehensive understanding of the Heart & Stroke BLS provider course content and are not proficient in BLS skills regularily, it is unlikely that you will successfully complete the BLS renewal course.

Q: I hear there is a grace period?

The HSFC does not recognize a grace period for certification expiry. However, when a provider is unable to present a course completion card (or HSFC written evidence of qualification) the instructor may admit a participant who frequently uses the skills and knowledge of BLS or ACLS in their workplace or related volunteer activities. If a person does not successfully complete the recertification course, they will be required to attend a full certification course.




  • BLS Provider Blended Course - Students MUST Pre-register their in class component prior to being issued the online component. This ensures that the student has the time required to complete the online class prior to the in - class portion. Blended learning is Recommended for health care professionals who do not use these skills on a regular basis and may be new to English as a second language.

ENGLISH - This course is Taught and Tested in English and you must have a "Moderate to High" Level of Reading / Writing / Speaking English.

  • The Alberta College of Paramedic's will accept both the Standard First Aid through the Canadian Red Cross & St.John's Ambulance and also the Basic Life Support Provider. Please refer to your Employer for details on which course fulfills the requirements in your area.  For all working within Alberta Health Services this is the course most commonly requested to meet the AHS standards.

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