crc-logo_0.pngCan you do a First Aid course online? Yes you can!!!

The question has been asked many times, can we get this course online? The Canadian Red Cross has come up with an answer, Yes, what they have created for you is called “Blended Learning”. The Blended learning Program allows students to participate in an online lecture based program that runs through the main theory of First Aid, thus allowing for the majority of the course to be taught online at home at your own leisure.

Can I take the whole First Aid Course Online? Unfortunately No, the main point of First Aid Training in Edmonton is to save lives, to do that you would need to add some skills into the mix. What Blended Learning means is that your Online First Aid Course is taught “Half Online for Theory” and “Half in Class for Skills”. This allows students a shorter in class portion, less time in class means more time for you. If your short on time the Online First Aid Courses known as Blended learning is for you.

Normally a First Aid Course would span about 2 days for first time students, this relies heavily on the instructors to be on their toes and energetic for 2 days and in most cases 16 hours of a program. For many this can be quite strenuous to sit in a classroom and listen to a lecture for that amount of time. Blended learning Online First Aid Training in Edmonton allows students to knock the course down from 2 days roughly 16 hours to “1 day roughly 6-7 hours” in class portion by utilizing the online lecture base program.

Why should I take Online First Aid Training?

Normal Standard First Aid Level C                          Blended Online Standard First Aid Level C

Price :$130.00                                                         Price :$130.00

Time : 16 Hrs = 2 Days In Class                             Time: 6-7 Hrs = 1 Day In Class

Accredited Through Canadian Red Cross             Accredited Through Canadian Red Cross

Language: Taught / Tested Normally in English     Language: Excellent for those New to English

Will my job site accept Blended learning Online First Aid training in Edmonton? Yes!

All First Aid programs through our facility here at Saving Grace Medical come with a certificate of completion, the Blended learning Online First Aid course in Edmonton is accredited through the Canadian Red Cross. This means that your certificate gained at the end of the program is fully accepted by all job sites and lease entry locations in Alberta.

How do I sign up for Online First Aid Training in Edmonton?

Simply select our courses on the drop down menu above and scroll down to Online First Aid Training, there will be three programs that will pop up next to it, simply select the course that is required by your employer for First Aid Training in Edmonton and follow the online application form. Once the course has been purchased all materials will be mailed on the next business day to the address you've provided along with access PINs to enter the Online Red Cross First Aid Training Campus. Once you have completed the Online First Aid Theory Program print out your certificate of completion and take it with you to class once you've scheduled your in class First Aid skills course. Your instructor will lead you through the rest of the program and get you the course you need when you need it.

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